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Introduction to the UNIT PROGRAMME: This is important so please read it.

This unit has two main aims:

1 to study the principles of international marketing

2 to apply them to specific sectors of the international leisure market

To achieve this you have two main pieces of work to complete

1 a feasibility study for the introduction of a leisure product into a new overseas market.

This will be the focus of the seminar programme consisting of a series of presentations into each aspect of the study, leading up to your coursework assignment report. (See Assignment Programme).

Section A of the examination will be questions on the principles of international marketing which you can illustrate with examples from your feasibility study.

2 A study of one or more sectors of the leisure industry - film, broadcasting, music, sport, tourism.

Section B of the examination will require you to write an essay on at least one of these areas. There will be lectures on each during the year but as they are changing almost daily, you are advised to start monitoring newspapers, journals and radio/TV programmes now on at least two sectors. Guidelines on what issues to look for are attached. (See Sector Studies page)

To summarise, your output from your studies will be:

A feasibility study report worth 30% of the unit marks. For due date see the Assignment Calendar

An examination requiring you to answer three questions

- at least one from Section A - principles of international marketing

- and at least one from Section B - a sector of international leisure.

The exam is worth 70% of the unit marks, so your study of each chosen sector carries 23% of the total unit marks. Although the exams seem far away now, it will pay to start preparing for them.

Obviously, there could be opportunities to link your feasibility study to your sector studies, and to link either or both to your dissertation topic.

Lecture Schedule

Assignment Programme


Sector Studies