BA Leisure Marketing

Services Marketing: Term One

Your assignments this year will be

Before you carry out this work, you will need to know the answers to some basic questions which we will be examining week by week. These questions form the titles of the lecture programme. The seminars will ask you to apply the theory to specific leisure activities and organisations.




Readings and links


What is marketing?

Seminar: Marketing in action - video case study

Morgan (1996) Marketing for Leisure and Tourism Chapter 2


The advantages of the marketing orientation

Customer Expectations - Company Strengths and Weaknesses

Morgan Chapter 3


What is a marketing plan? What are the objectives of the business?

Orientations: Kew Gardens case study

Morgan Chapter 4


What external factors affect the business?

e.g. political economic social and technological trends?

Opportunities and Threats

Market Trends in Leisure M Morgan (1998)   

We are working longer and harder

Henley Centre on the latest consumer trends:

 Mintel lifestyle surveys (see library site)

The feel-good revolution

Morgan Chapter 6


What is the Consumer decision making process for our products

Your Consumer Decisions exercise

Consumers are spoilt for choice

Designer logos lose appeal

Morgan Chapter 7


How can we segment our customers into groups we can target more effectively?

Illustration: Segmentation in a Leisure Centre

Using Research Data for Segmentation  

TGI website

Morgan Chapter 8

Your street's ACORN profile on


Who are the competitors? How can we beat them?

Competitive Strategies

Morgan Chapter 9

Repositioning Iceland


What is a Leisure Product ?

Product Case Studies

Creating a new Brand - Go

Morgan Chapter 10


New Product Development       

New products exercise

 This programme is also available online on [NOT www.] This web page contains links to the lecture slide notes and seminar exercises, plus some further readings. You may choose to print out the notes in advance of the lecture, leaving you more time to listen and to make more detailed notes. Alternatively you can use them as an aid to revision. They are not meant to be comprehensive - they are merely headings which will be explained in the lectures and expanded in the course text book Marketing for leisure and tourism.

Reading list

Morgan, M (1996) Marketing for leisure and tourism Prentice Hall

Gronroos, C. (2000) Service Management and Marketing: Managing the Moments of Truth in Service Competition John Wiley and Sons Ltd

Jensen R (1999) The Dream Society McGraw Hill

Jobber, D (2000) Principles and Practice of Marketing McGraw Hill

Kotler and Armstrong Principles of Marketing European Edition

Lovelock, C. et al (1999) Services Marketing: European Perspectives FT Prentice Hall

Palmer, A (1998) Principles of Services Marketing McGraw Hill

Pine, B.J. and Gilmore, J.H. (1999) The Experience Economy Harvard Business School Press

Zeithaml, V. and Bitner, M. (2000) Services Marketing (McGraw-Hill International Editions)


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